Madagascar is producing Sapphires in different qualities all over the island. However the most common and famous Sapphire mining areas are ilakaka, near the Isalo national park, Andranodambo near the town of Fort Dauphin and Ambondromfehy which is situated between Ambilobe and Diego Suarez in the northern part of the island.

Of course the finest Blue Sapphires are found in Andranodambo near Fort Dauphin! Natural stones with a similar color to Kashmir and the finest Burmese Sapphires are mined there! To me, blue sapphires from Fort Dauphin are by far the best sapphires available in these days. A huge part of the production has to be heat treated to get this fine blue color. G.Pocobelli & Co. is only dealing with the best, natural and untreated Sapphires available in Madagascar.

In Ilakaka instead, all colors of Sapphires can be found! The quality of the stones is the same as Ceylon Sapphires but the production is by far superior and the sizes of the stones available are more interesting then the stones found in Sri Lanka. That’s why many Singhalese companies are buying stones from Ilakaka. Unfortunately, they don’t sell them as Madagascar Stones.

The Ambondromifehy sapphire mine produces very dark Blue Sapphires similar to Australian Sapphires. There can be found very good yellow, orange, polychrome and important Star Sapphires.

Nowadays, Madagascar can be considered to be the most important producer of Sapphires in terms of quality and quantity.

G.Pocobelli & Co. is cutting big size center stones in all colors available but has also a production line in calibrated rounds, trillions and squares. You can also select from a fine choice of multicolour Sapphires or Rainbow sapphire suites.

Sapphire - technical  sheet

Origin Madagascar, SriLanka, Burma, Tanzania, Thailand, Australia, USA, China, India, Kenya
Chemical Composition Al2O3
Refractive Index
1.762 - 1.770 (+0.009, -0.005)
Birifrangence 0.008 - 0.010
Mohs hardness
Density 4 (+0.10, -0.5)
Dispersion 0.018
Crystal structure

Blue, light to dark blue, Pink, from light pink to hot pink, yellow,

padparadscha, orange, purple or lilac, green, bi-color and colorless