Madagascar had some good rubies years ago. In the Vatomandry area on the Malagasy east coast, very fine rubies have been mined in the early 2000’s. Another famous ruby mine was the Andilamena mine which has produced a huge quantity of fine colored rubies for some years. Somiakatra and Ranotsara have been producing small quantities of medium quality rubies and are not important. Today, Vatomandry has no noticeable production and Andilamena is abandoned because mining and living have been become too difficult for the population and with the discovery of these fine Mocambique rubies, most of the international buyers have left the location.





Ruby - technical  sheet


Madagascar, Burma, Vietnam, Kenya, Mocambique

Chemical Composition


Refractive Index

1.762 - 1.770 (+0.009, -0.005)


0.008 - 0.010

Mohs Hardness



4.00 ( +0.10, -0.5)



Crystal Structure



Slightly purplish red to red to orangy red


Anyway it happens from time to time to get through a parcel of fine quality rubies and we might have interesting offers from time to time.

Anyway, the Madagascar Rubies are not even nearly as beautiful as Burmese rubies.

It has to be noticed that many huge Thai – and Indian companies buy in huge quantities rough red corundum which might be transformed and treated by glass filling into nice looking rubies. G.Pocobelli & Co. is not involved in this business. We only offer natural and untreated Gems from Madagascar.