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Gems &Gemology (Fall 2003) - Heat treatment and gem cutting facility in Madagascar.


"While in Madagascar in July 2003, this contributor visited an ambitious heat-treatment and gem cutting facility in Antananarivo. Operated by an Italian father-and-son team, Antonio and Giuseppe Pocobelli of Magic Stone Madagascar, the facility initially opened in December 1999. Recently, they have expended from 16 to 30 gem cutters who are being trained by an expert lapidary from Sri-lanka. Custom-designed machines enable the stones to pass through the entire preforming, cutting, and polishing procedure using the same stone holder. They are working only with Madagascar gems, mostly sapphires from Ilakaka, but also rubies from Andilamena and Vatomandry. After preforming and any heating that may be necessary to enhance the color/clarity of the corundum, the stones are sorted according to seven color grades and three clarities."


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The Mineralogical Record: May - June 2010, Vol 41 , N°3

"A new deposit of andradite garnet of the demantoïd and topazoïte varieties has recently been discovered in Antetezambato, Ambanja area, Antsiranana province, North Madagascar. The mining actvity is mostly devoted to the extraction of rough stones for the gem market but, since april - mai 2009, a significant quantity of collector-quality crystal specimens, has emerged as well. Some of these specimens, because of their complex crystal shapes and extraordinary color, luster and transparency, are among the finest andardites in the world."

"...In the meantime, the first small lots of rough demantoid arrived at the gem  market in Antananarivo where gemologist and gem dealer Giuseppe Pocobelli informed the author about the new discovery. Nothing significant was produced in Antetezambato during the next few months, probably because of the strong rains of the hurricane seas. "