Madagascar emerald is unbeatable! Unfortunately it is very , very rare. But if gem quality specimens are found, they convince by their pure green color and their great clarity. As columbian emeralds tend to be bluish green, and Brazilian and Zambian emeralds tend to yellowish green, the Madagascar emerald has the advantage to show off a pure, intense and highly saturated colour.

The only emerald mine in Madagascar is owned by Malagasy familly and is situated in the south east of the island. Sometimes it happens, that an intense emerald green beryl is found around the city of Ankazobe, but it doesn't show any significant traces of chrome.


Emerald - technical  sheet

Origin Madagascar, Brasil, Colombia, Zambia
Chemical Composition Be3Al2Si6O18
Refractive Index
1.577 - 1.583 (+/-0.017)
Birifrangence 0.005 - 0.009
Mohs hardness
7.5 - 8
Density 2.72 (+0.18 , - 0.05)
Dispersion 0.014
Crystal structure

Yellowish green, to green, to bluish green