Corporate and social responsibility




G.Pocobelli - Fine Gemstones Madagascar deals in many types of stones that are found in Madagascar. The company tries to create a fair and ethical environment for stones business in Madagascar.

Small-scale mining in Madagascar is often considered as less beneficial especially for the people digging the quarries. We admit that it is hard to change the situation in few times, but we assume that efforts should come primarly from buyers like us who have to put the requirements in the origin of the stones, the extraction process to provide the maximum benefit possible for the local community.

G.Pocobelli - Fine Gemstones Madagascar has installed an integrated procurement system to reduce the maximum numbers of intermediates and dealers in the gemstone business.


Ethical policy:

The existence of many intermediates and dealers limit and reduce the benefits that small miners could have from the rough stones they are digging.

Through an ethical trading philosophy, we ensure to buy our gemstones from small-miners with the minimum number of intermediates.  Also, we verify and make sure that there are no children workers in the mine-sites where we buy and collect our gemstones. We try to create a fairer and socially just gemstones trading.

We ensure that our products processes (extraction, transportation, sale, exportation)  follow the rules and legislation in Madagascar and required fees are legally paid.


Employee policy:

All the employees at G. Pocobelli “Fine Gemstones Madagascar” are Madagascar native people. We sponsored a training of lapidary at the “Institut de Gemmologie de Madagascar” for our staff to improve their skills and to help them to achieve an international standard of cut stones.  We were also asking to expert from Brasil, and Thaïland to provide  a special lapidary training for our staff. We are concern of our staff welfare thus we are creating a healthy and great work environment for them.


Environmental policy:
We travel the country seeking to find gemstones that meet our environmental policy standard.  We make sure that no chemical products were used during the extraction process of our gemstones. 
We are concerned with the impact of the small-scale mining activities on the environment, that is why we are  only providing gemstones which respects our environmental standard.
By buying our products, not only you participate on the livelihood enhancement of communities involved in small-scale mining in Madagascar, but also you promote the respect of environment in the sector