Only few they know that Madagascar produces for sure some of the best Aquamarine worldwide. Santa Maria Aquamarine is found in the south east of Madagascar. Colored with an unbelievable deep blue color without any gray shades of an intense and highly saturated color. Furthermore all along the mountain chain crossing Madagascar from north to the south Aquamarine is mined in all kind of qualities. Andapa, in the north east of Madagascar is producing very fine colored green blue Aquamarine, unfortunately the production is very slow. This is due to the fact that Andapa is a huge Vanilla producing area and also very rich in other agricultural products, so that people there are not really motivated to go digging for Gems. Manakana, near the city of Ambatondrazaka and the villages around there are producing fine quality Aquamarine showing a good natural blue color. The production is solid since many years. Many, many other places all over Madagascar produce Aquamarine and other Beryls in more or less fine qualities.




Origin Madagascar, Brazil, Mozambique
Chemical composition
Refractive Index
1.577 - 1.583 (+/-0.017)
Birifrangence 0.005 - 0.009
Mohs hardness
7.5- 8
Density 2.72  (+0.18, -0.05)
Dispersion 0.014
Crystal structure
Color greenish blue to blue

Huge crystals of several kilos are found and the quality is stunningly high. Madagascar Aquamarine is has a great luster and brilliance, intense colors and interesting sizes.

Green beryl, Morganite, Heliodor and Goshenite are also found a little bit all over this island. For a year or more, a unique caesium rich red beryl called Pezzottaite, in honour to the Italian geologist Federico Pezzotta, has been mined in the south west of Madagascar.